A focussed brain is a happy brain. Through the practice of mindfulness we will work in our atention and concentration in order to reach a calm mind.

Meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety levels and also is an essential tool to maintain our physical and mental health.

Through techniques such as visualization or self-observation we will train our mind to start a path of acceptance and positive thinking, and this will help us to live in peace and serenity in our daily life .

Benefits of meditation


  • Physical benefits: on the cardiovascular system, immune system, relief from chronical pain, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, cancer treatments, etc.

  • Psychological benefits: Reduction of stress and anxiety, depression prevention, improves concentration, emotional balance, helps to reduce the symptoms of mental disorders, ecc

Learn how to meditate in 8 sessions


  • Through eight group sessions and through various techniques: visualization, self-observation, mantras, etc. we will get the tools to connect with hour inner peace. This course is for  individuals, professionals or teams who are interested in the  experience and practice of mindfulness. 

  • The course is offered to health services, schools, municipalities, social services, with the aim to improving physical and mental health of people at any age.