Family is considered one of the most important resources from the  human being. Source of socialization from the early childhood, family is the context in which we learn to relate with world.


Family therapy uses the creative potential of the family to work not only with the individual but also with the rest of the family in the treatment. Always striving to find solutions and improve the quality of life not only of those members who have symptoms, but also the mental and emotional well-being of all who are involved.


In family therapy we will review communication patterns, beliefs, values, systems of conflict resolution systems, family organizational systems, etc. in order to optimize and facilitate better management, expression and understanding among family members.


Systemic Family Therapy is considered one of the most effective treatments not only in improving relationships, and family communication, but also one of the most optimal methods in helping people who are in crisis or need to reduce símptoms from their disorders DSM-V.


Main reasons for starting treatment 


  • Communication and family difficulties

  • Advice for parents

  • Advice fo couples 

  • Separation and divorce

  • Adoption processes

  • Migration processes and cultural adaptation

  • Domestic violence situations

  • Situations of  alcohol abuse and other substances

  • Family therapy with adult mental disorders DSMV

  • Family therapy with child mental disorders. DSMV