Psychotherapy should be something affordable, that  we can all benefit from.


When there is crisis more than ever people need a space to express, organize, identify and accept.


Despite not being a public service, we offer the possibility to people with finance difficulties to be able to attend therapy and receieve diganosis and treatment in as individual, family or couples therapy, with affordable rates and for all age range, with discounts up to 70%

Who can benefit from it?



  • Retired people and people older than 65 years old

  • Young people until 25 years old

  • Unemplyed people and people who get benefits

  • Clients, couples, families, who are coming from Social Services

  • People who are coming from other services and have a justified low income.



Documents to start the therapy. 


Justify one of the next options.


  • Documents  showing that you are retired or older than 65

  • Documents showing you are younger than 25

  • Documents showing that you are unemployed or are getting benefits in this moment.

  • References from Social Services, CSM, CSMIJor EAIA justifying you are in need of treatment and you have a low income.