In this process of coaching, parents will get advice and orientation in childhood and education matters. 

Rearranging and reinforcing the values we want to transmit to our children we will review our patterns of behaviour in order to change those patterns that are unuseful. 


At the sessions we will talk about emotional education, children's protection, family communication, setting rules and limits, conflict resolution, self-esteem, parenting skills, etc.

The aim of these sessions will be to work on the basis of concrete and specific objectives related with being parents of kids from a wide age range  from early childhood to post-adolescence.



This school aims to provide a place for parents where they can expose and share aspects, concerns and doubts related to their rol as a parents.


For people with kids this service is offered to schools, municipalities, social services, etc. s couples or people working with children or  in education develop educational skills and enough confidence enough to work for the values they want to share with their children.


The topics we will talk about are related to social and educational issues: family communication, conflict resolution, education agreement, social skills,  emotional education, etc.



These talks are offered in public and private services in order to inform and generate discussion among parents, teachers, social workers and people who are interested in education.


The topics we will cover are related to education: setting limits as child protection system, the emergence of free education, influence of new technologies in the development of children and adolescents, emotional education as a process of acceptance of the emotions, etc.


These talks are offered to municipalities, health centers, schools and social services.