Our  society leads to children and adolescents to adapt to overstimulation and excessive stress.

The context in which children and adolescents are developing is really demanding (school, family, group of friends, etc) this demanding way of life influences in the construction of their identity, self esteem, self-concept, confidence, and skills development.


Children and young people are the future of our community. Give them a therapeutic space means giving them a place to develop and enhance their cognitive, psychomotor and emotional skills.

In therapy we will work in the emotional and learning aspect, with the aim to improving the symptoms that children and adolescents can experience and also improve their personal relationships in the context in which it participates.

From a systemic view and with the collaboration of the parents we will give the opportunity to young people to work for on a better emotional expression, school performance and greater integration, always respecting in the context respecting individual characteristics and idiosyncrasies of every child and adolescent.

Main símptoms in children and teenagers


  • Delayed psychomotor development

  • Delayed language development

  • Attention and concentration difficulties

  • Significant decreases in school performance

  • Difficulty controlling impulses

  • Sleeping difficulties 

  • Eating disorders

  • Episodes of sadness, excessive crying.

  • Bulling episodes (perpetrator or victim)

  • Post traumatic disorders

  • Support in medical processes and chronic diseases