This coaching aims to help teachers, social workers, and other professionals that might be working in the  educational and social fields, both to cope with their demanding daily work and to understand childrens, teenagers, couples and families


This coaching aims to provide professional advice to teachers, educators and social professionals,  a break and opportunity to share their emotions, thoughts and actions related to  their wrok and daily lives, as well as the possibility  of receiving a diferent point of view and external help.

A systemic and external view will help us to understand more clearly the people we work with and to give us the opportunity to observe ourselves as professionals sharing the difficulties we face, accepting the emotions involved in those difficulties vases and activating skills and strengths we have in order to set goals into the short and long term.




These talks are offered in public and private services in order to inform and generate discussion among parents, teachers, social workers and people who are interested in education.


The topics we will talk about are related to education: setting limits as child protection system, the emergence of free education, influence of new technologies in the development of children and adolescents, emotional education as a process of acceptance of the emotions, etc.


These talks are offered to municipalities, health centers, schools and social services.