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Born in Zaragoza in 1982, Degree in Psychology from the University of  Girona and Master's Degree in Systemic Family Therapy at St Pau Hospital and University of Barcelona.


 Since the beginning of my career I've been working giving support to individuals, families and couples through the different stages of their lives. I developed my work as a supervisor in public and private sectors coaching professionals in both social and educational fields. I always worked aiming to improve the mental and emotional well-being of people, and improving their relationship with their surroundings, health and personal development.


My concern for an integrated and holistic experience and improvement of  human being quality of life, led me at some point in my career  to pursue interest in the development of the body awarness and that made me search for a more integrative psychology.

Several years abroad showed me different cultures, and finally I became a Hatha Ioga teacher in Dharamsala (India), and I attended a fellowship and I started volunteering for Peace Revolution in Bangkok (Thailand) where the mindfulness was introduced to my personal and professional background.


Some years of experience as a psychologist in the medical and social field, plus the time spent abroad have given me the opportunity to integrate a holistic vision which allowed me to add humanist elements to a a traditional Systemic Therapy.


I'm currently living in Blanes, near the sea where I grew up, and here I have been able to carry out my project, giving to those who need it their own therapeutic space, where they can work from their inner peace and in a  positive and responsible way, aspects of themselves and their relationships, as well as enhance and trust in their own a skills, becoming more aware of their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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